I was born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1963. The areas where I grew up shaped my image of landscape – the landscapes of Tyrol and Styria, the vineyards and the Rhine near Mainz, the Alpine Foreland near Munich. Landscapes keep me moving. I travel and walk through them, I capture them in pictures. Or I work them in the garden when I try my hand at fruit and vegetable growing or nurture and tend my flower meadow. Landscape is my element.


After graduation I studied landscape architecture at the Technical University in Munich. With this subject I was able to combine my bond with nature, my scientific inclinations and creative side. Early on I gained practical knowledge and became acquainted with the scope of the relevant fields: urban and landscape design, project management, construction management.

My time abroad was particularly exciting. In France and Denmark I experienced the diversity of European planning cultures. Over several years, my work focused on the construction of the new adidas campus in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria.

Large projects are complex projects. The strategic aspect of landscape and communication has increasingly become my focus. In connection with the 2005 National Garden Festival in Munich, from the construction to the completion of the large-scale green event, I was engaged in the strategic planning context for five years. This qualified me to be on the staff of the Munich Building Department where, as press spokesperson, I worked at the interface between administration, policy and the public.

I have condensed this manifold experience in my doctoral thesis in the form of a methodology.


Today I live and work in Munich, Germany and highly appreciate the cothinking and cooperating with Dr. Wilfried Wittenberg, Scientific Advice Karlsruhe, CODE LAB Kassel and helleckes landscape architecture Karlsruhe. And with ifuplan Munich: Since March 2019 I am working at the Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development.