Erbacher The Food Family stands for industrial food production and in these regards, deals with landscape at different scales:

· On agricultural land in the region and beyond the raw materials for Erbacher are produced.
· On an industrial site in the midst of a rural environment the food for humans and animals is produced; distribution follows from there.
· A spacious company premises is the everyday working environment of large number of employees.

Throughout the Erbacher landscape code, the various levels are linked together.

In the outdoor area of the company premises, sustainable production of raw materials is staged. A field landscape serves as a showroom for guests. At the same time, it is a recreation, experimental and working space for the employees (corporate gardening). In addition, it fits into the structure of the surrounding landscape. The interfaces between outdoor and indoor spaces, such as entrance areas and terraces, as well as the indoor green spaces are integrated into the overall concept.

My Experience
I was able to convey that the outdoor area of a company premises could be more than a traffic area or arbitrary decorative greenery. The company incorporated the reinterpretation of its premises as a green campus and production landscape into its future strategy.

Landscape Strategy
The medium of the landscape is used to coordinate the external impact and the interior impact of the company. Here the thorough landscape code signals a responsible approach to the environment.

Client: Erbacher, The Food Family
Project: Development of a landscape strategy
Processing time: July 2016 to March 2017
Project Location: Company premises in Kleinheubach, Germany

In cooperation with Professor Dr. Gerdum Enders, CODE LAB.

More about the project here.


With the Bundesgartenschau 2005 (2005 National Garden Festival), the city of Munich linked various tasks, including:

· Realizing a large public landscape in the east of Munich (Riemer Park).
· Staging an inauguration festival for the citizenship of a new district (the Trade Fair City of Riem).
· Communicating the subject of sustainability as the overarching theme.

The major event attracted three million visitors from all over Germany to the newly built park and the trade fair city. According to information from BUGA 2005 GmbH, it mobilized an estimated 400 million euros of economic power in the Greater Munich area.

My Experience
For five years I was participation manager of the municipal subsidiary Bundesgartenschau München 2005 GmbH for the construction department of Munich. This was an exciting task because the demands on the production of a permanent green area (200 hectares of park) challenged the requirements of an only temporary GmbH that needed to operate in a given time and within a given cost frame.

Landscape Strategy
Implementing a major event here serves as a driver of landscape and urban development. By staging landscape, the particularities of a place and the intentions and prospects associated with it can be brought into focus.

Bundesgartenschau München 2005
Event Time Frame: 28 April – 9 October 2005
Investment Budget: 60 million euros
Exhibition Budget: 40 million euros
Participation Management BUGA 2005 GmbH: Principal Division of Horticulture, City of Munich

More about the project here.


In the late 1990s, adidas-Salomon AG created the ´adidas World of Sports – Stage 1′ around the former barracks buildings of the HerzoBase. All the departments involved in the product process (Development and Design) or supporting them (Controlling and Human Resources) moved into the renovated buildings.

What does landscape mean for a concern that operates globally and, on the other hand, has decided, very conscience of tradition, to stay on its original site in the town of Herzogenaurach?

No formalism, instead staged randomness. The working world of the international staff is embedded in a landscaped park. In the sparse pine forest, paths, wooden terraces and sports fields used for recreation and work outdoors has been integrated. Landscape was conceived here within the context of modern corporate management. At the heart of the complex is a lake that refers to the fish ponds traditional for the Middle Franconian region.

My Experience
Two years project and construction management. The exciting thing here was to experience the interaction of the global activities of a major concern with the everyday construction business.

Landscape Strategy
Here, landscape serves to communicate brand values. A harmonious landscape design boosts brand awareness.

adidas World of Sports – Stage 1, outdoor facilities
Client: adidas-Salomon AG, Herzogenaurach
Construction Time: October 1998 to May 2000
Construction Costs: 6.2 million DM
Planning and Construction Supervision: Gnüchtel Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekten GbR, Kassel

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